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Nordiques Colors
Pierce Mayhew
The UVHL Nordiques team consists of THE THREE COMMISHES, defensive defenseman Shawn McDermott, All-Star goaltender John Turner, and superstar Kelly Park. The Nords are captained by the charismatic leader Tao 'Superman' Smith. The Nordiques were winners of the very first Whalen Cup in 2003-2004. They are once again sporting their new military green and white jerseys (they're not that ugly!) that have been inspired by the OHL's Brampton Battalion, and kindly designed and sponsored by co-commish JT.

The core of this team (JT, Park, McDermott, Dakai, Smith, Willis, O'Neil, and Nightingale) has reamined intact from day one and they are known for strong team play and defense. The last three seasons the Nords have failed in their quest to add a third Whalen Cup to their mantlepiece falling to their arch rivals the Storm Kings in the semi-finals the last three years in a row. How embarassing... Their only saving grace is that the incredibly arrogant and whiny (and now defunct) Storm Queens have lost in the finals the last three years and will go down in history without a Whalen Cup or Mud League championship. So, the Nords can still sleep at night with 2 Whalen Cups and 4 third place finishes in 6 UVHL seasons. This '09-10 season the Nords have kept their core team intact, and the very good news that Jordan McGee is returning to the squad after a West Coast Poker and Pounanny tour keeps the Nords offense at least capable of keeping up with the rest of the league. Unfortunately, brother John McGee is not returning, and a big, gaping ex-girlfriend hole on Defense needs to be filled in his absence. Returning veteran Greg Marsh is looking to rebound with a big season, the ever solid Tom Dakai (aka the "Minister of Defense") will be patrolling the Nords blueline with toughness and hustle, the "Dirty Dentist" Roger Phillips will be sure to fill the net, Mikey "Threesome" O'Neil is back again with great stories and on ice speed, Ian "Snaggletooth" Coates might lead the league in assists and backchecking, the ever solid and hardworking Dave Willis-Tao Smith-Poli Nightingale line enters its 7th season, along with the perfectly balanced, and might I say very sexy, Park-McDermott tandem on D. Also returning to the fold is Drew "Spin Doctor" Crapser, joined by talented newcomers Alex Brands, Kevin Dwyer, and Jim Kerrigan.

Although the Nords have two Whalen Cups and four 3rd Place finishes in six seasons, dynasty may be too strong a word since the Nords upset higher ranked opponents in both 2004 and 2006, and have lost in the semi-finals the past three seasons. Giant Killers, maybe, but a victory in 2009-10 would seal the deal as the most successful UVHL franchise to date! Believe me the Nords will again be in contention for the Whalen Cup with the ever solid JT in net and (the deceptively slow) Kelly Park leading the troops into battle!
# Player Pos GP Record GAA Saves Save% PIMs
1Farr, ColinG194-15-06.747190.822%0
# Player Pos GP G A Pts SO SO% PIMs
8Scalia, Peter 181612280/30%4
12Phillips, RogerLW18613191/250%6
26Golden, RichardC14981738
21Mayhew, PierceC13110110/20%8
0Hunter, Cole 1364100/10%8
25Zaha, SpencerC183360
0Brands, Nico733610
14O'Neil, MichaelD133368
3Machelski, Christian123140
8Sailer, BillC112246
5Barton, BrockD32240
19Marsh, GregRW152242/2100%6
12Nightingale, PoliRW161234
2McGovern, RyanD141231/1100%0
0Theiler, Jerry22020/10%6
5Grande, StuartC31122
1Farr, ColinG190000
12Park, KellyD50002
0Bourque, Casey40000
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