2016-17 Season Starts in October

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are in the final stages of planning for the upcoming season. As of right now, the start date will be October 18th at Union Arena in Woodstock, VT. A couple updates:

•  We are having trouble fielding 6 teams, so we may be dissolving 1 team into 2 others. This would mean 1 team each week would have a BYE. Not optimal but we can make it work. If you know anyone who is interested in playing, have them reach out to us at
• We are looking at running a shorter season, ending in early March instead of April.
• Please review our Player Conduct page. Remember to respect the referees & your opponents. If people are telling you that you're an asshole on the probably are and should make some changes in your game.

We are looking forward to another great season. See you soon.
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