November 19th, 2019 - 9:35PM
Union Arena - Woodstock, VT
Box Score
Game ID: 1380

In the second game of the night we had the Whalers (4-0) taking on the Blues (3-1). The games started out fast pace with both teams pushing for the early goal as the Whalers showed up with a full roster and the Blues only had 9 skaters. The Whalers would get their first penalty of the game a minute and 50 seconds into it. The Whalers would be able to kill the penalty off due to solid goaltending from Tucker. The Whalers would take two more penalties in the period but due to good penalty killing and solid goaltending the Blues could not score. Once the Whalers were able to finally play 5 on 5 hockey they were able to get their game going and Cole Hunter would put the Whalers up 1-0 with 3:47 left in the period. The period would end with the Whalers up 1-0.

In the second period the score would remain the same but the Whalers would take 3 penalties and the Blues would take 2 penalties. While either team had a PP chance neither could score as the goalies were put on a clinic at their respected ends. The Blues netminder Jay Seals, would end the period with 18 saves (two period total of 31 saves) and the Whalers Tucker Garrity-Hanchett would finish with 12 (21 saves through two periods).

With the score still 1-0 Whalers the Jacks would continue to pressure the Whale and for them to take another penalty early, however they were not able to capitalize on the power play chance. Both teams would keep testing each others goalies but it was the Whalers Marc Stannard that would get the go ahead goal to give the Whalers a 2-0 lead with 5:16 left. The Blues would make a late period surge but with the lack of a full roster and solid goaltending from Tucker they couldn't get a goal tonight. The Whalers would win the game by the score of 2-0. Jay Seals of the Blues would finish the night with a 44 save performance and Tucker would get the shut out on a 33 save performance.

Labatt Blues

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